Jewel: Men hit on me when I was 8 years old


Despite two decades of success, Jewel has never been able to escape sexual harassment.

“I’ve had men hitting on me, sadly, since I was really young. At 8, I had men putting dimes in my hands saying, ‘Call me. It’d be so great to f–k when you’re older.’ And just horrible stuff,” the “You Were Meant For Me” singer, 41, explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The harassment was at its peak just before the Alaska native broke through in the mid-‘90s when she was living out of her car in San Diego (until it was stolen) after she’d been fired from her job at a coffee shop for refusing to sleep with her boss.

“I’ve never been more propositioned by businessmen in my life. It was almost like they were sharks that could smell blood, like of vulnerability,” she said. “I’d go back to my car, writing songs, and men would literally come up and proposition me. They would be like, ‘Hey, do you need rent money?’ you know and things like that. It was pretty wild. I never took anybody up on it, but it was

Tom Hardy Says He Is Up For Playing James Bond


Actor Tom Hardy has told Sky News he would consider stepping into Daniel Craig’s shoes to play James Bond.

The star was speaking as he promotes his new film Legend where he plays notorious twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

In an interview with Esquire magazine earlier this month Craig hinted that Spectre may be his last outing as 007.

Many British names are being linked to the role, including Idris Elba and Hardy. Bond novelist Anthony Horowitz had to issue an apology last week after saying Elba was “too street” for the role.

While Hardy gave little away about whether he has been approached about the part, he said: “I think anybody would consider doing Bond, wouldn’t they?”

Hardy, 37, has seen his star rise in recent years with high-profile roles in Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road and Warrior.

But as his profile has grown, so has interest in his personal life, with photos from his old MySpace account coming back to haunt him.


“I’ve got no shame about my MySpace photos, especially the one of me in my underpants which is a glorious photo of a man

Recluse Ran £120m Film Piracy Scam From Bedroom

mahoney-1-736x414A Londonderry man has been jailed for internet-based piracy, which could have seen the movie industry lose £120m.

Paul Mahoney made almost £300,000 from advertising revenue on illegal websites showing the latest films and TV shows.

During the six years he operated the sites he also claimed about £12,000 in benefits.

The 29-year-old, who is partially blind, was given a four-year sentence at the Crown Court in Derry, half of which will be spent in prison.

He pleaded guilty to a series of offences, including conspiracy to defraud the film industry, earlier this year.

Judge Philip Babington said the scheme was “cunning and clever”.

“These offences represent offending of a very serious nature which undoubtedly put at risk many millions of pounds as far as the greater entertainment industry is concerned,” he said as he sentenced Mahoney.

“I am quite satisfied that you knew exactly what you were doing. I am puzzled to a degree as to why you did it.”

Mahoney’s defence team had argued he was not motivated by money and said he had become a recluse after being bullied at school because of his partial blindness.


Why I Called a Sacramento HVAC Repair Service for a Spa Pump Repair

I was having a time with the pump on our large spa that was on our sun porch. I had it repaired by the people who sold me the spa a few years ago. It was now out of warranty. The repair was expensive, and they have been back four times trying to keep it working right. My neighbor told me to call a Sacramento HVAC repair company he uses. I asked him why I would call them to fix a spa. He said they repair pools, spas and most major appliances in addition to fixing air conditioning systems and furnaces.

I figured I would go ahead and give them a chance to fix it. Continue reading →

Protect your magic cards without a tinge of magic

Do the words like Ajani Goldmane, Chandra Ablaze and Dack Fayden ring a bell? If you are a Planes walker player these might encourage you right now to initiate a match. Isn’t it? But of course, the magical cards have portrayed an alluring picture in the game of cards. It has rendered more fascination to it. It has ensured the players are attracted to a bewitching world. It has rendered them hours to play without experiencing a snub of boredom. Whether you are a new learner or a pro at this game, it is a definite aspect that you are perplexed with regards to the looks of your card.

mega-playIt is for careful card player like you that there is the availability of magic card sleeves. These sleeves are like apparel draping every single card of the pack. Are you thinking that how will you manage with the sleeves. Well, it is not you who manage it; it is the sleeves which very well take care of the cards. Their anti slip and matt finish make sure that handling them is

Indian TV’s Entertainment is in High Demand in Abroad

Indian TV Entertainment is in High Demand in Abroad

In the monotonous tedium that is our lives, we crave entertainment that sets us on edge on a daily basis and satisfies our need to experience the entire gamut of emotions only the television medium can offer in plenty. Indian Television offers a full platter of dramatic fodder and that extensive menu is in high demand abroad as much as its undeniable presence in the home country. Channels like Zee TV, Colors, and Sony TV with a vast and varied library ranging from reality TV shows to highly addictive dramas were the first to capture the foreign market.

The NRIs throng to watch Indian TV Live in droves but the most interesting trend that speaks volumes for the high quality content of our Indian Television industry is capturing the attention of non-Indians. The internet and social media has shrunk the world as much as the Live TV abroad that allows easy accessibility to quality entertainment on a daily basis.

An individual’s favorite channel among a plethora of Indian TV Channels becomes a go to’ channel

Loan Providers for Cash Loans

This is not a good time to be without a working vehicle, but that is the boat that I am in at the moment. My car broke down on me the other day when I was on my way to work. I am lucky my boss was understanding, because the company does not have a very tolerant policy for absences from work. It is pretty easy to get fired, and I would be in huge trouble if I lost my job. Anyway, I am checking out cash loans and providers of said loans, because I am going to need to get some cash to be able to buy this car I am looking at.

I already talked to the owner, and the guy would not accept monthly payments for it. He said that he did not really need to sell the vehicle that badly, and if he was going to do so, he would have to have the entire payment up front. It is kind of annoying to me, because I do not have the money saved up to buy a new car. Continue reading →

Runway Bound: A Guide to Chicago’s Top Ranked Fashion Schools

Everyone in the fashion world is talking about Chicago. Chicago’s beauty, awe inspiring architecture and vibrant arts and cultural scene make it an ideal home for the more than 400 designers who call the “windy city” home. Thanks to the popularity of shows like “The Cut” and “Project Runway”, we have seen that fashion design can be more than an exciting and rewarding career–it’s a lifestyle. However, before you run out and buy that sewing machine or begin creating your own label, it can help to get a solid education by enrolling in a fashion design school to learn the basics. Chicago has several top schools that offer degree programs in fashion, ranging from merchandising, design, production, and more to help refashion your design ambitions into a career.

Now comes the questions, “Which school?” and “How do I get in?”

Featured Top Fashion Design Schools

Choosing the right school for fashion involves serious investigation, as there is no set criteria for ranking fashion schools. Many of these schools have an easy admissions process; others require a semi-professional portfolio before they will even consider you for entry.